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Corona (covid 19), Poet and Trembling

Corona (covid 19), Poet and Trembling
Corona for poets is something new but has long been written poet in the context of prevention of the dangers of disease entry from abroad in the archipelago. As before, for example about Aids (HIV) or Avian Influenza (Avian influenza (AI)).
The poet with his soul who has concern for all kinds through poetry is praiseworthy. They guard, prevent, even solace and entertain.
Doeloe when Indonesia was in danger of being attacked by the Dutch (invaders) Ismail Marzuki did not only compose songs of struggle but also love in times of struggle. Dinda Bestari, for example, was composed by Suprono to perpetuate love in a state of danger. Well what about now where the state is in danger of corona virus which is also called covid19 why don’t you write love in times of corona danger?
The President has done right to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. The state of danger is not only against enemy attacks but also the safety of its people. Including the safety of this nation. This deadly virus is mass, so it is appropriate if the President applies silence at home so that the virus does not spread widely to this nation.
Various kinds of people look at corona. There are those who underestimate, there are others who are afraid, there are those who are alert, there are those who are mediocre. Faith is certainly death at the hands of the Almighty, but isn’t cleanliness also part of faith?
If the poet has a concern for all sorts of fields, even since long ago why not the community also the country has a concern for the poet? But we (poets) do not have to ask for strings attached let alone pay for our work. Or pretending to help the government program. If there is a very small portion of it compared to the care of poets in general
It turns out that Corona has many creative ideas, one of which is the making of poetry. Relatively much time at home free to work on literature. However, even though at home they did not lose the idea of ​​the title of poetry. The various creative abilities of the poet make this anthology seem to depict the whole tragedy of Indonesia in 2020.
Event after event recorded by poets from all over Indonesia. Records of events with literary arts that contain about understanding, the views of individuals, panacea, doctor impromptu, to about people under surveillance, patients in care until death.
But poets are also humans who are not immune to the corona virus, they should also be taken care of in order to continue working
Many of the poets as fighters who helped strengthen the mentality of this nation, it requires the government’s concern. But the poet is not a beggar, if others are given food we are full. If others are given money, we don’t need money.
Corona is also a boredom for students at home. In addition to being lazy, their teachers also stirred up. The school, which was closed for safeguarding the safety of the younger generation, made its own impression. Too long at home is also boring.
Sad Story in the Corona Period
In another corner, corona also creates concern and distress for small communities. The family’s mediocre economy is getting worse because their daily income activities are disrupted. How not when many people stay at home, merchandise becomes lonely. Construction stopped. Public transport drivers are no longer able to buy gasoline because of unbalanced income. Farmers who looked cranky now looked worried because there was no time to work together.
In a corner of the village, a small house with 8 families with four children and two grandparents. Mother and father who work daily selling snacks in the market since corona no longer sells.
He also tried to make half the usual as it turned out to be unsuccessful also because the baskets who buy and sell at schools no longer sell.
This practically no income resulted in borrowing to and fro both food and money. Finally it came to the end where no more brothers who gave loans were forced to what was sold to survive.
In another place, a young man who works in a motorcycle laundry only returns home in the afternoon with Rp. 25,000, whereas normally he can bring a hundred thousand every day. The young man is the backbone of the family. He bought a kilo of rice. and a few rupiah to his mother. His younger siblings who used to expect his brother to bring only food are now just empty hands.
His employer in the city cannot provide assistance because the salary is shared with other motorcycle washers every day. In another house, the yellow rice seller mother who used to hang out at the intersection with customer buyers and school children now looks invisible selling there. He tried to sell online but it was still quiet because he did not master online marketing yet. He was forced to hear from some of the neighbors that some did buy but did not live up to expectations. Many families make breakfast for their own family’s needs because there are a lot of energy at home. The mother who sells yellow rice now lives by selling her belongings one by one. In the heart of the mother, the important thing is not to sell the residences,
Another story is experienced by the father who sells peanut porridge using a wheelbarrow and is open at night in the town square. Now there is no longer any bean porridge that makes fresh online motorcycle taxi drivers gather.
Once once tried to go selling. But he returned home as usual. the situation is very quiet, there are those who buy but do not hang out on the bench in front of the cart, one or two people who buy wrapped in plastic. finally the merchant came home with a half-pan of porridge.
The motorcycle taxi drivers also just approached and left again. they realize not to get together with fellow friends in one place. Now the old man is just staring at his cart whose tires are starting to go flat. Forced by the family to do frugality while waiting for changes to occur. and can sell again.
Another story is experienced by the restaurant waiter family. Since corona the mother who became a cook as well as a waiter in a restaurant had to be closed by his employer. Usually every day the mother brought packaged rice and vegetables and fried side dishes that did not sell and did not last if it reached a day. At home suudah used to rice and side dishes that remain the hope of the family of three children. While her husband is gone The mother was forced to look for a cooking job in another place that is a capable neighbor, but at the time this corona none of the neighbors would accept it. Then the mother asked for a loan from her employer. His employer gave help for only a month’s salary as a binder if the corona was gone, the mother had to work again. After a month the money was used up, now there was no more money. So the mother started selling her belongings. Finally, she started glancing at several entogs and chickens, which only had a few tails to sell one by one. Even though the entogs and chickens help the family with their eggs, which can be sold or exchanged for rice. Will the mother’s family survive? Hopefully given a way and an abundance of fortune.
The importance of immunization
Now the public is increasingly aware of the dangers of the corona virus. This deadly virus until now there has been no official medicine that the government is responsible for as an effect. The immunization given to children is often even free by the state through the Posyandu movement which is owned by the community as awareness of maintaining health. Various immunizations for disease prevention and immunity in toddlers and pregnant women need to be improved in services for adults and also seniors, immune to diseases that attack adults.
The benefits of immunization in infants have been felt by the people of Indonesia. Proving that there is an increase in the health of Indonesian children by unicef’s assessment, that Indonesia is now no longer a country with low nutrition in children.
The hope is that researchers and our medical experts can find immunity to the corona virus. So that when toddlers Indonesian children are given immunity to attack this evil virus.
(Rg Bagus Warsono)

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