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Accountability That Someone Is A Literature

Giving accountability to the public that someone is a writer not only makes a list, includes it in a joint anthology, or is involved in an event, but more importantly is responsible for it by showing quality work with criticism and analysis as the basis for a person to be a poet.
Poets are literary writers with their own artistic soul. Each of them is sometimes unnatural in terms of habits. There are different appearances in him from other people. Until there is a poet whose picture does not appear but his work is scattered. So accountability states that someone is a poet is not a graphic of his appearance but of quality work. A good curator does not see the person as known or known locally, regionally or nationally. This is where the padlock plays a role as a solution to documenting quality poets in the era of the 2000s. The delivery of the Padlock seemed to give a breath of fresh air that every poet had the same role for this country. The popular view of the name of the poet, big or small, unknown or who has been abroad is not exiled or directly influenced by the lock. This is because it is time for Indonesia to show honesty and not randomness but really something that is accounted for
(Rg Bagus Warsono, main curator at HMGM)

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