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2. Brett Sense Elliot Nature Is Sexy


Brett Sense Elliot

Nature Is Sexy

I expect you’ve heard of LGBT,
But what do you call a person who loves hugging trees?
Who talks to plants and walks the earth
Massaging Her with their feet to please?
You call them Ecosexual… I am an ecosexual…
My heart and body blossoms
When I see the sweet curves of Her land
The rolling hills and river fills
my soul when Her sacred water runs through my hands..

Yes I am an ecosexual
Shameless I am to say
That when the wind and sun touch my skin
I spread my legs to pray…

I taste the rainfall like I taste the pink sweat of a lover’s breast
I delight in touching smooth tree bark
And eat Her fruits with zest…

Mango from tree from roots from earth
drip sweetly from my face
the dirt that walks beneath my feet reminds me of my place…
on Her…

This polite rhythm and rhyme of verse and time doesn’t reflect the reality of desert sands or sea,
They are wild and radical and fearless and powerful and free from the laws of men and poetry
Free from all
From all but gravity.

Nature rises in storms that rages against our feeble homes
Of stacked brick and tarmac slick, nature rips to shred as she pleases
Our dreams and hopes and families
She Crushes ships like match sticks
And with ocean devours our cities…
My God She is sexy…

She can rise in 20 metre waves
Conjure 300 mile per hour winds
She will deny us rain for years
She will cleanse us of our sins…

Our sins you say our Sins?
Pray tell what could they be?
The cause that summons storms from sea
with such fierce capacity
to take everything from me??

What sins you say?
What sins you plead?
Unfortunately my friend to She, we are one humanity..

It is humanity’s ecocide
And this human proclivity
To destroy habitat and spew pollution from our cities
we burn the homes of all God’s creature-ess
With such absent minded cruelty
With stupid sworn fealty
To the Lords of so called Progress.

Oh baby… darling girlfriend Lover Earth…
I am so so sorry… we are fools…
I love You…
I love every part of You…

I love the way You touch my skin with sun and summer breeze
The way You move across the land and
Gently move the trees

I love …

I love the way the oceans laps upon Your shores with gentle lover’s caress
The way you coax a seed to life
That sprouts like a tongue through hard shell
Just to tell the sun, I love you…

Have you ever taken off your shoes just to walk upon the grass
To feel soft Earth press your feet
Or sit amongst stretching branches
Enjoying nature’s perfect seat?

I remember She…

She who made the Earth so perfect that you can breathe
Soft and slow as you walk the streets
Or fast as you caress fresh lover’s treats
When our bodies are enmeshed like butcher’s meat
We are but meat…
Meat of flesh and bone that makes men old men
And girls old crones…

We are mortal.
We will all die you and I
And in that dying moment your life will flash across your eyes
And you will remember all the things you love.…
That playful lover that called you Peach when your skin tasted sweet
Your children playing at your feet
The friends who laughed at your stupid jokes
You’re remember the ones who always listened when you spoke…

But I… like each night and with each breath
will spare those precious moments to reflect
On sunlight speckles through sunkissed trees
Those perfect sunsets that stilled my mind and set my soul on fire
The perfect green forest under sky blue perfection
Dappled with clouds the perfectly selection
of wind and rain and sunkissed glow
I will remember as above, so below…

And with that thought cast back from my life’s end
I will begin
And say….
Nature Is Sexy.

2 Desember 2018

Brett Sense Elliot, a well-known writer and poet, lives in Australia.

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