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6. Iwan Gunawan, SPD. MM I have no idea


Iwan Gunawan, SPD. MM

I have no idea

said a small child gently
while raising both hands
and bow his head

as may may be familiar,
he continued while still
raise both hands
and his eyes stared sharply
in the direction of a mother

answered a mother
in a soft voice too

I just shut up
and smile seeing the scene
this rarely happens
while muttering
beautiful nian if this happens
in my village, in my city, in my country
Bangkok, July 12, 2019

Iwan Gunawan

Come on, brother

I live among people of different languages
I live among people with different views
I live among people of different cultures
I live in the middle of the White Elephant metropolitan

Between the rows of buildings towering the sky
Among the magnificent temples
Between the traffic jams of vehicles and people
Faintly always heard the call to prayer
so melodious and solemn

Allohu Akbar Allohu Akbar, La ilahailalloh
Melted hearts feel it
Nostalgic to hear that
Dripping tears made

The country is predominantly Buddhist
Give room to everyone who has a different view
Free to live and mingle together
That is real independence

Everyone is free to do activities
in accordance with his confidence
everyone is free to move
in accordance with his conscience

during this time we often hear about tolerance
during this time we often hear about human rights
but what happened?
we are all castrated with uncertain sciences
without caring about the essential, ilahirobbi

Come on, brother, let’s share
Ayu, my best friend, let’s unite
Join hands together
Keep the unity and integrity of the nation
Towards the ideals of prosperity and spiritual birth

Iwan Gunawan, SPD. MM, the writer is
Indonesian School Teacher Bangkok, address Amara Court apartment soi 13 Petchabury rd Bangkok 10400

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