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7. Chayada Binsaven Nickname Sunbeia Time Change


Chayada Binsaven Nickname Sunbeia

Time Change

The hearts of people change
Things that remain the same are just memories.
Each person’s smile is in someone’s memory.


Do you believe in fate?
Fate is often something that people believe and think that it is part of life.
Fate often comes by chance. Sometimes we may meet someone who or have known Someone, which we didn’t expect to know.This is the charm of destiny. Maybe you are walking along the timeline of fate.

Chayada Binsaven Nickname Sunbeia .
I’m 18  years old. I ‘m come from Thailand,Now I live in Bangkok  and My home are in Onnut  in the high school I’m grauduate from Sacred Heart Convent School .
Now I am freshy of Thammasat University I study In Faculty of Liberal Arts . The Branch of I study is South East Asian study.

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