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9. Anggoro Suprapto Road to old age


Anggoro Suprapto

Road to old age

in the middle of the night I like to meditate
then I ask at solitary time
I’m on my way to getting old huh?
I smiled, when you nodded for sure
in the somber sky of the moon covered in clouds
the night is getting restless
in anxious teeth

You really are my wife
towards old not so scary
for me still calm
as long as old is manly and healthy
as long as you are smart and alert
like manawan clairvoyant
every day praying reciting spells
continue to be grateful incessantly

then when
the way to grow old arrived, I decided
just want to stay in your house, my wife
every day can see
the clearness of your neutrality
shade your face
the kids’ laughter bubbled up
joking that burst forth

Ah, really
growing old is a gift
from the merciful almighty
Semarang, September 2018
Anggoro Suprapto, born in Pati (Central Java) 17 August 1962. Write anything including poetry. Has been widely published, both individuals and joint joint. The author now lives in Semarang, joined in the “Kebun Kebun Kata” Art House.

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